Fulton Ave PBID

In 1998, in response to a petition from the property owners, the County formed the Fulton Avenue Property and Business Improvement District (the Fulton Avenue PBID).  The boundary of the Fulton Avenue PBID is shown on Figure 1. The Fulton Avenue PBID has been renewed two times and is currently effective through 2013.  The Fulton Avenue PBID provides funding for streetscape design and implementation, marketing and communications, security, advocacy and administration services.  The annual assessment rate is $0.02 (2 cents) per total parcel square footage plus $8.50 per linear foo​t along Fulton Avenue frontage.  Parcels with exclusively single-family use are not assessed.  Apartments and mobile home park properties are assessed based only on $8.50 per linear foot along Fulton Avenue frontage, but not assessed for parcel square footage.   Further information about the Fulton Avenue PBID is available in the Master Plan and is also available at the  Fulton Avenue Association website.