County Park CFD2006-1

The County of Sacramento Community Facilities District 2006-1 (County Parks CFD) was formed in 2006 to fund a portion of the cost of providing Park services and facilities in the South East County.  The special tax revenues from this CFD will be combined with other available revenues​ and used to build, operate, and maintain park and recreational facilities that are needed to serve population generated by new development in South East County. There is not enough growth projected within the area to support all of the projected improvement and maintenance costs; therefore, the CFD special tax revenues will be used to fund only a small portion of the costs.  The Board levies annual special taxes on developed properties (Direct Levy Number 0447) within this Mello-Roos district.  For further information, please contact Sacramento County Municipal Services Agency Special Districts Section at (916) 874-6525.

CFD No. 2006-1 (County Parks CFD) - Annual Report and Map pursuant to Government Code (CA) 53343.1
CFD No. 2006-1 (County Parks CFD) - Annual Report to State Controller's office pursuant to Government Code (CA) Section 12463.0 (AB 2109)
CFD No. 2006-1 (County Parks CFD) - Rate and Method of Apportionment