The Ranch CFD No. 2004-3

The California Regional Water Quality Control Board (CRWQCB) Guidelines for Waste Disposal from Land Developments require that a “public entity” be formed for all subdivisions having 100 lots or more on septic tanks to assure continued protection of water quality, to prevent water pollution and to avoid the creation of public health hazards and nuisance conditions.  To meet the requirements to have a “public entity” responsible for any discharge from the project septic tanks, The Ranch Sewer Maintenance District (SMD) and the County of Sacramento Community Facilities District No. 2004-3 (The Ranch) were formed in 2004.

Currently sewer maintenance services required for the Ranch are performed by consultants and paid for by the collection of dues through the HOA.  The SMD is staffed by the County Environmental Management Department (EMD) and funded annually by an agreement with the HOA.  To meet the requirements to seize the property as required by the Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs), the EMD can lien the property to recover abatement costs to remedy a condition which is of such a nature as to be imminently dangerous to the public health, safety or welfare.  The SMD has the ability to perform the annual services required by the WDRs, and a latent SMD special tax exists to provide funding for these services, if necessary.  In addition The Ranch CFD is authorized to issue bonds to respond to a catastrophic event.  This includes the authorization of a special tax to repay the bonds, if bonds are issued.  Should the HOA fail to perform these services the tax levy would be implemented and the SMD would take over active management of the consultant contract to provide the services.  If a catastrophic event occurs that requires abatement, The Ranch CFD could issue bonds and the CFD special tax would be levied.  Currently the SMD and The Ranch CFD special taxes are not levied.

The Ranch - Rate and Method Apportionment