Park Meadows CFD No. 1

​The County of Sacramento Park Meadows Community Facilities District No. 1 (Park Meadows) was established in 2000 to fund the acquisition and construction the roadway facility defined as West Stockton Boulevard between Lewis Stein Road and Dunisch Road (see Figure 1) and $1.1 million in Park Meadows CFD special tax bonds have been issued.  The levy Park Meadows Special Taxes (Levy 0192) are applied at a flat rate per parcel for properties in the district according to the parcel location.  The maximum tax rates per single family home are $720 for Park Meadows North and $317 for Park Meadows South.  The special taxes are assessed up to 100% of the maximum tax on developed property.  If additional funds are required undeveloped property is taxed, proportionally, up to 100% of the maximum tax for undeveloped property.  For more information, please contact the Special Districts Section at (916) 874-6525.

Park Meadows - Rate and Apportionment