North Vineyard Station CFD No. 2014-2

‚ÄčThe County of Sacramento Community Facilities District No. 2014-2 (North Vineyard Station No. 2) was established in 2014 and $14,225,000 in bonds were issued in to finance the acquisition and construction of certain park, water, roadway, and storm drain facilities (see Exhibit A).  Property within the district is subject to an annual Mello-Roos special tax (Levy 0395). The levy of the North Vineyard Station No. 2 special taxes for properties within the district is based on the level of development for each parcel. Developed properties are levied up to 100% of the maximum tax rate. If additional funding is required, the tax is levied on final map properties and then undeveloped properties up to 100% of the maximum tax rate to meet the funding need. For more information, please contact the Special Districts Section at (916) 874-6525.

North Vineyard Station No. 2 - Rate and Method Apportionment